Tuesday: Toussaint, Hot 97, and a Soprano

  • Having just completed his truncated jail sentence, Roger Toussaint is fired up once again. The Transport Workers Union is suing the MTA for not accepting the contract the two feuding sides worked out after the strike. Well, it should be noted that the TWU had voted against this contract, before voting for it. Peter Kalikow now says it’s off the table. (The New York Post)
  • About 500 surveillance cameras are about to be installed throughout the city. First stop: Hot 97’s Hudson Street building. Even with yet another shooting, the radio statio still has a lease until 2012. (Daily News)
  • Sopranos star and lad mag pin-up Jamie-Lynn Sigler has just signed a contract for a Tribeca loft that’s a bit under $3 million. Alas, she decided against the Urban Glass House. (New York)
  • -Michael Calderone