Two Day Countdown: ‘I’m Going to Have a Wife! That’s Nuts!’

MADELEINE: I still remember the exact minute I met Mitch – it was a hot day in August, 2002, and we had just left a stuffy lecture hall at Columbia. A mutual friend introduced us and we all went to lunch. All I said was “Nice to meet you. Can we go eat now?” Time didn’t freeze, there was no orchestra playing in the background and I barely paid any attention to him.

Now we’re in the final days leading up to our wedding. We’re both a bit nervous, but mostly we feel very lucky. Mitch keeps wandering around saying “I’m going to have a wife! That’s nuts!” and I’ve let go of all the organizing, and am letting things run their course. I just hope this weather lets up on Sunday so that I can have the outdoor ceremony I’ve been imagining for the last year!

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