A Block of Hotel Rooms Vanishes Into Thin Air, Every Trace of Us Erased!

ERICA: Here’s just a small smattering of feedback we’ve received on the process of booking rooms at the hotel we chose out in California:


Greg’s Mom: “I was on hold for twenty minutes and then told you weren’t in the system, so there was no way to get your rate.”

My Dad: “The guy I spoke with said they had no record of you or your wedding and told me he would call me back. I never heard from him.”

After some tersely worded emails back and forth, our very helpful contact at our swank hotel assured me that our names were MOST DEFINITELY now in the system.

Later that day, Greg’s Aunt Karen called…

“Well, your names are in the system, but we were told that the only room they had left in your block was an Executive Suite.” (Note: This was approximately one day after people began to make reservations, and we have a block of 20 rooms…so it’s rather hard for me to believe that 19 of them are already gone.)

Uhm, OK. I’m not normally categorized as a high maintenance sort of bride and generally like to make a habit of trying to keep my cool, but WTF?? As we’re having a destination wedding, every single one of our guests needs a hotel room and, so far, we’re not exactly getting off to a stellar start with these peeps.