Anderson Cooper Poor-Mouths Yoko

Anderson Cooper’s down-home, appealing commencement speech at Yale 10 days ago was marred by a crack he took at Yoko Ono. He brought up a commencement speech she gave 3 years ago, as a non-model.

She said: “I say you can’t stand if you’ve got too much muck in your head. Let it go, and dance through life.” So true, so much muck, you know? Muck is a big problem. Of course. it’s easier to dance through life if you have a billion dollars, but I digress.

Unfair on two counts. 1, Yoko’s advice, to grads of the Maine College of Art, is just fine. People have to try and free themselves. However you do it, do it. When Cooper himself quotes Joseph Campbell, “Follow your bliss,” it’s not that different from what Yoko’s saying.

2, Cooper is descended from megabux. Son of Gloria Vanderbilt, etc. Who’s he to make fun of Yoko’s money?