Compare and Contrast: Reservation Person and Reservation Specialist

ERICA: “Well, we just called the hotel to book our reservation,” my mother began, “and were told if we wanted to stay any longer than Thursday through Sunday, we would need to switch rooms. Is this right?”


(I feel for you people. This topic is even boring me at this point.)

After a phone conversation with our lovely sales rep, I was informed that for any guests who wish to stay longer than the specified three day window, I will need to alert the reservation specialist so that she can block out additional nights. The regular old reservation peeps are able to do this…have the ability to do this…but apparently most of them:

A. Don’t know how or
B. Don’t care and don’t want to be bothered

If we have one more problem, I’m going to rent 5 or 6 RV’s and set them up in an abandoned parking lot next door to the wedding site.