[em]Daily News[/em] Soon to Be as Famous as Whitney and Bobby’s Bathroom

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Bravo’s Tabloid Wars–that docu-reality-miniseries peek into Mort Zuckerman’s Daily News ant farm–hits TVs July 24, the summer after it was filmed. Today brings the press kit, complete with a mock newspaper touting the series’ many dramatic attractions (“Married gossip columnists George Rush and Joanna Malloy balance family life and work when their son’s sudden injury leaves Rush to cover a Gotti family party solo”…”Columnist Lenore Skenazy scours the city for ‘intriguing oddballs'”).

The most excitement, though, comes from the back page roundup of the series’ principal characters. Here’s Michael Cooke, Editor-in-Chief–“Currently, Cooke is back in the windy city where he is vice president of editorial operations for the Chicago group of papers at Sun-Times parent company, Hollinger Inc.” There’s Hudson “Hud” Morgan, Junior Gossip Columnist To Lloyd Grove–“Morgan is currently an associate editor at Men’s Vogue.” Forget the real-life news-chasing story lines. Maybe Bravo shoulda just modeled the program on Survivor.