[em]Tabloid Wars[/em]: Headline About [em]Daily News[/em]’ Sensitivity Goes Here

‘Tabloid Wars,’ Episode 2

The allure of behind-the-scenes newsroom activity is the main draw for Bravo’s Tabloid Wars, which follows New York Daily News reporters and editors through story and production cycles.

But some things in the newspaper business stay behind the scenes for a reason. The second episode of the series follows the Daily News crew as it frantically assembles a story on a local police officer who has been killed while serving with the military in Iraq. With deadline closing in, the Newsies finally score a quote from the bereaved family—a quote so touching in its bravery and tenderness, the hard-bitten staffers who field it and write it up are visibly subdued. Journalists are caring humans too! Then the camera lingers on a shot of a page in progress, presumably an early layout of page one. The dummy text: “Quote headline goes hear [sic] making everyone cry.”