Gifted Travel Agent Plans Honeymoon, We Can Relax Like Superstars in Italia

ERICA: We just got back from a meeting with our travel agent Joan from Valerie Wilson, and I’m walking on cloud nine. FINALLY, a wedding planning task that does not completely suck.

To sum it up, Joan rocks…and she rocks hard. Before we even sealed the deal with her, she sent us over a three page proposal of a to-die-for Italian Honeymoon itinerary along with about 23 scrumptious, glossy, drool-inducing hotel catalogs. We love every single one of her ideas, and aside from the teeny tiny issue of how the hell are we going to afford this, we were ready to just say “BOOK IT ALL!” Spending hours and hours on the internet trying to figure this all out by myself now seems like the most insane gameplan I ever had.

So far this is the plan:

Oct 23: Fly from LA to Naples

Oct 24: Ravello/ Hotel Palazzo Sasso
*Sidetrip to a Mozarella Farm and some of the coastal towns like Positano

Oct 27: AnaCapri/ Capri Palace or Quisisana
*Relax like superstars

Oct 29: Florence/ Lungarno Apartments (no need to splurge here on a fancy/shmancy hotel)
*Sidetrip to Sienna/Chianti to visit the wineries and as much gelato as I can stuff down my throat

Nov 2: Venice/ Cipriani

Nov 4: Fly from Venice to NY

After my imagined (but yet to be achieved) pre-wedding starvation plan, Greg and I intend to stuff our faces heartily in beautiful Italia.