Great Journalism in The Jewish Week

Breathtaking is the only word for the splendid coverage that reporter Liel Liebovitz has been doing in The Jewish Week on the idea wars over Israel in the U.S. and U.K. Liebovitz doesn’t seem to agree wholly with Israel’s critics. That hasn’t kept him from doing an honest and thorough job in describing their views.

Here, for instance, from his report on Brit Steven Rose, an eminent neurobiologist who was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household and is leading the petition to boycott Israeli academic institutions:

It was on a visit to Israel several decades ago — he no longer remembers the year — that Rose’s political understanding of the situation in Israel began to change radically.

“I knew about the Holocaust, but never about the Naqba,” he said, invoking the Arabic word for “catastrophe” used by the Palestinians to describe the flight, forced and otherwise, from their homes during the 1948 Israeli Independence War. Barred from returning, they have become the world’s longest unresolved refugee problem, now multiplied by several generations. On this visit to Israel, “I saw its meaning and its consequences with my own eyes,” Rose said.