How George Bush Can Save His “Legacy” by Cashiering Cheney

Few would disagree that George Bush is the worst president since—at least—Herbert Hoover. Bill Clinton will have a roll of historical toilet paper trailing off his heel wherever he goes, thanks to his bad judgment in the Paula Jones case, but George Bush is forever manacled in history’s dank dungeon by his bad judgment on Iraq.

Herewith, a Hail Mary play for Bush 43.

The other night, Charlie Rose asked Tim Russert who Bush would want to follow him as President. Great question, Russert said. Then he said that if Cheney was somehow forced to leave the VP spot, Bush’s choice would be Condoleezza Rice. The two get along, he trusts her.

Bush should be the decider right now. He should seek the resignation of the toxic Buddha and nominate Rice to step in, under his 25th Amendment powers. Notwithstanding the complete disaster that Bush has unleashed on the world and on world opinion of the U.S., naming the first black vice president, and the first woman, would make all of us proud of him in spite of ourselves—including historians.