How to Watch Soccer and Hold Your Job, Cte’d

Mexico’s 3-1 victory over Iran has provided some support for my theory of how to tune in and out of a soccer game.

If you’d followed my recommendation and watched the first 25 minutes and last 20, you’d have caught the two late Mexican goals that decided the game, but missed the two first-half goals (28th and 36th minute).

Guess I have some bugs to work out.

Let’s say you divide the game into 30-minute thirds. Here are the overall 2006 World Cup goals per third: 8, 2, 6. So here’s my new rule: Avoid the tired middle 30 minutes of the game, at all costs. Watch the first, freshlegged 30 minutes. Then do something productive for 45 minutes and tune back in with 20 minutes to go.