Kimberly Dozier and Bob Woodruff

Today CBS News reports that Kimberly Dozier is headed home, talking “animatedly.” CBS has regularly covered the correspondent’s injury in Iraq, and the death of her two crew-members.

I’m a little surprised by the silence surrounding anchor Bob Woodruff’s injuries from ABC News. Obviously, Woodruff was more grievously injured. But can we know a little more? Wikipedia says his absence has stirred opportunistic positioning at the network, as well you might understand. The Times has respected ABC’s privacy, perhaps in deference to a news organization still staggering from Peter Jennings’s death. I wonder if this is a Jim Brady like situation, career-ending. A journalist friend I asked about the issue snapped back at me, “Let him heal in peace.” Heal, please heal. But am I wrong to want a little more information?