Monday: Millionaire Row, and Millionaires Versus the Brooklynites

  • The Times waxes nostalgic for the era of Manhattan millionaire neighborhoods, declaring that Midtown today “has only one real strip of mansions.” But there’s hope: if you’ve got the dough for “museum quality” offices–and if you ask very nicely–Zimmer Lucas Partners might allow you to check out Philip Lehman’s newly-renovated palace at 7 West 54th Street. (The New York Times)
  • Quadriad Reality clashes with savvy Brooklyn locals over Quadriad’s plan for 28 big new residential towers in North Williamsburg. Residents point out that 20,000 housing units are already slated for the local waterfront–Quadriad manager Henry Wollman retorts: “The only way to build everything… is to build higher.” (New York Post)
  • Bloomberg says that flying is the “wave of the future,” and he makes a case for local seaplanes. (“Wave”–get it?–Mr. Mayor made a joke.) Water is so the new land. (AP, via NY Daily News)
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your Central Park West apartment options, but were afraid to ask: if you can bear the sight of “bank-counter marble” and “tacky high-gloss wood,” you can go as low as $300,000. (Or, alternatively, leaving the Park for Inwood can you save some money. (New York Magazine)
  • Protest works. Dermot’s Andrew MacArthur–Magic Johnson’s development partner for the Williamsburg Savings Bank condo project–says that his group is considering the construction of affordable housing next-door to One Hanson Place. Nothing’s a certainty, except that any affordable homes will not come furnished with either “Brazilian teak flooring” or “lava stone counters.” (New York Daily News)
  • Max Abelson