Monday: Mobsters, Tax Cheats, and Hotel “Havens”

  • How did the New York hotel market become “a haven” for foreign investment? “All the stars are aligned,” suggests an executive at CB Richard Ellis. In other news, the average nightly room rate climbed from last year’s $189 to $211. (The foreign tourists can thank the foreign investors.) (The New York Times)
  • Last month, Giuseppe Cipriani was this close to transforming ancient Pier 57 (at West 15th Street) into the “Leonardo–a $300 million offshore Italian mini-theme-park.” It seems that past involvement with a Gambino turncoat (in which some money may have been given to quiet some labor trouble at Mr. Cipriani’s Rainbow Room) muddied the deal. (New York Magazine)
  • Yaakov Goldfeder continues to thrive as “the city’s No. 1 property tax deadbeat,” but sadly it’s only over $9.75 million in unpaid bills for a bland Brooklyn apartment building. “Believe me,” Mr. Goldfeder implores, “I am the victim here.” (New York Daily News)
  • If The Times says prime Manhattan real estate can be traded for cute art, cosmetic surgery and colon hydrotherapy, then we must all become cute artists or colon hydrotherapists. (The New York Times)
  • This summer, Greenpoint’s McCarren Pool will complete the glorious transformation from a long-abandoned pit into a mecca for hipster rock. But can hipster rock stir up excitement (forty million dollars of excitement) about the renovation project? (New York Post)
  • Max Abelson

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