Monday: Trump, Gehry, and “shellackings”

  • For some Americans, March was Women’s History Month; for Corcoran, March was Most Gross Sales Volume in History Month. Bellmarc, meanwhile, rebounded from “a shellacking.” (The New York Times)
  • What might Trump’s new apprentice work on? A 45-story SoHo luxury condo/hotel. The Donalds (Sr. and Jr.) plus little Ivanka will lend a hand at 246 Spring Street. (New York Post)
  • What lucky Hearst employees will toil in the “resplendent” new tower on 57th and Eighth Ave.? Magazine staffers, of course. Surely they’ll be excited about the “shimmering crystal waterfall.” (The New York Times)
  • Charles Failla, a principal at Manhattan’s Sovereign Financial Group, is trying to burst everyone’s bubble. (New York Daily News)
  • The only thing grander than Gehry’s Tiffany jewelry is his 75-story Lower Manhattan apartment building and 22-acre Atlantic Yards development. (The New York Times)
  • Max Abelson