Should My Bouquet Be Tone on Tone?

ERICA: We’ve got less than five months left until the big day (in wedding time that’s 57 minutes) and here’s what I’m currently obsessing about:

* Will our Motown/Soul band actually be able to pull out a proper rendition of Hava Nagila?
* Should I go for eyelash extensions or just use fake lashes on the day of?
* Do my new $200 highlights look great or heinous?
* Is our yet to be booked honeymoon EVER going to be booked? [hello, Greg??]
* Should my bouquet be tone on tone (i.e pink to go with my pink dress) or should I go with white for contrast?
* After buying our apt (HOLY *&^$!), can we really afford the yet to be booked honeymoon?
* How in the hell (or more importantly WHO in the hell) is going to run Paper Bride while I am gone gallivanting on our honeymoon?
* I booked my flight out to California on Friday the 13th…am I lame for being concerned about this?
* What am I going to wear underneath my dress? (do I need a bridal lingerie stylist??)