The Mayor on Mearsheimer

Dr. Mearsheimer

In his speech at the University of Chicago commencement last weekend, Mayor Bloomberg did a most honorable thing, and, in attacking political correctness, praised the University for its support of John Mearsheimer. Here’s the quote:

From the University’s defense against accusations of communist teaching 70 years ago to its support of Professor Mearsheimer’s right to criticize the Israel lobby’s influence on U.S. foreign policy, this has been a place where open debate is encouraged and cherished.

No, that’s not an endorsement. But at a time when Walt and Mearsheimer have come under unfair and vicious political attack for a brave and important contribution, it sure is fair. I understand from a friend who was there that the line got the loudest applause of anything Bloomberg said. So the hive of Leo Strauss is now a hive of realists.