The Times Demonstrates that the World Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

The Times’s unfortunate decision today to give up four columns across the top of the front page to a photograph of Michelle Wie is mitigated by a number of factors: feminism, beauty of composition (props to photog Suzy Allman), and boldness. Still: it was wrong. Wie didn’t even come close to making the cut for the U.S. Open. She was 59th. 18 got in. Put her on the sports page.

A1 is prime real estate for the Establishment’s consciousness. Why not Albadri Abukar’s shot of the victorious Somali Islamists? Or Ozier Muhammed’s shot from New Orleans. Or Doug Mills’s fabulous horizontal of Bush exiting his gay marriage initiative?

Why not—because as we all know, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, everyone is freaked out, and the Times just wanted to lighten our day. Not enough of an excuse. Expect the World Cup to offer many more opportunities for such frippery.