The Un-Paulson

Goldman Sachs has just announced that it has chosen Lloyd Blankfein to replace Hank Paulson as its new Chairman and CEO — and from a quick scan of his political-giving history, it looks like he won’t taking over his predecessor’s duties as star GOP fund-raiser.

In addition to giving $3,000 to Mr. Bush’s 2004 presidential opponent, John Kerry, and $1000 to his 2000 opponent, Al Gore, he has given regularly and abundantly to Democratic candidates and committees over the years. In 2004, he gave nearly $30,000 to blue state causes like Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, and the DNC. And in this cycle alone he has given $25,000 to the Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Sentorial Campaign Committee.

We guess this means he isn’t in any danger of being tapped for a White House post anytime soon.

— Lizzy Ratner