Tuesday: Billy Joel in Brooklyn, Zaha Hadid on NY

  • Zaha Hadid plays nice, pleasantly conversing about the future of architecture. Eventually she cracks and says things like: Paris is “beautiful, but it has no energy.” At the grand finale she somehow acknowledges the possibility of seeing her work in twenty years and gasping: “Oh, my goodness, this is really irritating.” (New York Magazine)
  • The FBI informs us that New York City’s crime rate fell while the nation’s numbers rose. But prospective New Yorkers beware: our robbery stats don’t look so good–plus, we turn out to be the second-least generous folks in the country. (AP, via Crane’s)
  • New York lawmakers try their very best to get generous: a $1 billion property tax relief plan is passed, although it happens to be similar to the one “scuttled” by George “Prez” Pataki earlier this year. (The New York Times)
  • Listen to William Zeckendorf talk about his billion dollar baby: 15 Central Park West. And there’s more: he even chats about the overall NY condo market. (The Real Deal Podcast)
  • Billy Joel and his eighteenth wife visit the Brooklyn Heights townhouse that first went on the market for a borough record-setting $20 million. Luckily the price has since fallen to $16 and then $12.9 million. (“We are not coming down from here,” swears Corcoran broker Deanna Kory.) (New York Daily News)
  • Over at the Freedom Tower construction site, so far things are going just perfectly (seismologically speaking). (The New York Times)
  • Max Abelson