Wednesday: Tycoons Divorce, Rothko Dies, Times’ Key is Born

  • The polish immigrant who confessed to triggering the city’s biggest fire since 9/11–the blaze that consumed historic Brooklyn waterfront warehouses–may be an innocent man. “It would have been impossible for him to have started that fire,” swears his boss, upstate in scenic Pond Eddy. “Because he was here, working for me.” (New York Daily News)
  • Real estate tycoon Shaya Boymelgreen and longtime business partner Lev Leviev have gone their separate ways. Boymelgreen is leaving one Israeli millionaire (Leviev) for another (Nochi Dankner), and will turn his attention from Brooklyn developments–condos in Park Slope, Beacon Tower in Dumbo– toward the riches of India. (Globes, via Curbed)
  • On September 10, we’ll all open our Times and find something that may be “extraordinarily hot”–brand new Key, a biannual high-end real estate rag. Crain’s graciously calls it “yet another special interest supplement.” (But we knew about it first). (Crain’s)
  • “Multiple sources” say big red Rothko, a Lower East Side indie rock mecca, has closed its doors forever. RIP. (Brooklyn Vegan)
  • The Port Authority chairman gives “his most explicit warning to date,” and things over at the Freedom Tower aren’t looking so sunny. “I think there’s every reason to be optimistic,” Deputy Mayor Doctoroff chirps. We disagree. Meanwhile, Senator Schumer constructively adds: “We have a plan to move forward. What we don’t have is explicit certainty…” (The New York Times)
  • Max Abelson