A Denunciation of the Muslim World, Apparently on al-Jazeera

Today I was sent this powerful speech denouncing the Muslim world as primitive, by an avowedly-secular woman speaking Arabic. It aired purportedly on al-Jazeera. My friend John Coyne says, “The woman is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles.”

Watch it, it’s fascinating, especially when she celebrates Jewish achievements of the 20th century to counter Arab antisemitism. And the cleric who briefly attempts to brand her as “a heretic” seems to fulfill her description of the Muslim world.

I believe it was provided by MEMRI, the pro-Israel thinktank that translates Arabic publications to show how good we are and how bad they are.

A couple rejoinders. I don’t see why backwardness justifies decimation. There are tons of areas of the world that are not as techno-scientifically advanced as we are, and we haven’t declared them fascists and bombed them. Also, isn’t it a sign of progress that she can express herself on al-Jazeera?