Authors Give Barnes & Noble Helping Hand, Move Books Into the Limelight!

FRANCESCA: My first commentary for National Public Radio, a big professional coup for me, aired a few weeks ago.

The subject was book shuffling. It was about how authors like me go into bookstores and surreptitiously move their books around the store so they’ll be displayed better. So, for example, when my first novel, Daughter of the Bride, came out earlier this year, I’d often go to a bookstore and quietly remove copies from the shelf and place them on the front display table in a prominent spot.


Here are some email responses from fellow authors who’ve had similar experiences:

My friend Adam suggested, “Have some friends stage a fistfight or a heart attack…to completely distract the attention of all the store workers; then you can really go to town, moving your books right into the front window . . .”

Another friend, Paul wrote: “You didn’t send in a SWAT of special book shufflers to every Barnes & Noble? I know I plan to do that when my book comes out.”

And finally my friend David told me that if the book store isn’t carrying his book, he’ll order it, go pick it up at the counter, and then put it on the shelf.

All thoughtful suggestions.