Friday: ‘Integrity Monitor’ To Monitor for Mob Activity at Ground Zero

Laquila: better than Gambino.

  • Because Laquila “patriarch” Dino Tomassetti is under indictment for corruption, the 79-year-old isn’t allowed to set foot on Ground Zero. But that doesn’t mean his son’s trucks shouldn’t deliver the Freedom Tower’s concrete foundation; or that his daughter’s steel rods shouldn’t be used in its walls; or that youngest son Dino Jr.–Dino Sr.’s chauffeur–shouldn’t get “tens of millions of dollars” for the tower’s excavation work. At least Larry Silverstein doesn’t think so. (New York Times)
  • To call today’s Daily News‘ “L Train Love” story an astoundingly innocuous Brooklyn puff piece is unfair to puff pieces. Or maybe you hadn’t noticed that the borough has recently attracted “immigrants, hipsters and young families”? Mort? News to you? (NY Daily News)
  • Making-up over-flattering over-generalizations about New York neighborhoods–for example: “The Garment District is the new Soho”–is the new making-up cynical over-generalizations about New York neighborhoods. (Globe St., via The Real Deal)
  • Halstead informs us that June 2006 was a good June as far as Junes go, but it was certainly no June 2005. Last month, a strong summer demand for co-ops–and a mysterious drop in inventory–helped the average Manhattan apartment price increase. However, we’re still a big 2 percent below last year’s record. (Crain’s)
  • How does big ol’ Sierra Club feel about private housing near Brooklyn Bridge Park? “We strongly object,” says city chair Tim Logan. Them be fightin’ words–almost as vicious as the New York comptroller’s. (New York Times)
  • Max Abelson