Goodbye Ellis Island View, Goodbye 26th Floor, We’re Park Slope Homeowners

ERICA: “Uhm…did we actually just do that? Like, it’s now official? A done deal?” Greg quietly asked me after we had been staring at each other in stunned silence for a few minutes.

“Yep,” was all I could manage in response.

Greg and I just signed our contract today on our new apartment in Park Slope.


In a matter of three weeks, we found a place, made an offer, had our offer accepted and now we are sort of like official homeowners. Well almost…there is still the matter of getting our mortgage sorted, inspections, renting out our current apartment (750 sft, 26th floor, doorman building, sick view of Ellis Island and the bridge, anyone???), closing and the like, but we’re on our way at least.

Is it possible that this has now officially eclipsed the wedding in the realm of serious life moves? Am I really going to have a husband AND a mortgage!? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: WHOA.