Lightning Strikes, Wedding Barn Reduced to Smoke and Ash In Cruel Twist of Fate

KARA: During the wedding planning process, I’ve stewed about many senseless things. But the idea that my reception venue would be struck by lightning never crossed my mind.

On Friday evening, the impossible happened: The Bedford Village Inn was indeed struck by lightning. Initial reports out of Bedford, New Hampshire, stated that the historic barn where the reception would take place had burned down as a result. A knife in my heart.

Apparently, a bride was arriving at the inn’s grand circular drive via limousine just as the lightning struck. She was whisked from the scene before she could be traumatized by the sight of the flames. Online news photos of the inn revealed nothing but billows of black smoke and buildings reduced to ash.

Fortunately, early reports exaggerated the damage. It was a small storage barn that burned down, not the historic barn! The smoke and dust have settled, and my reception venue still stands in all its glory.