Menu Tasting, a Matter of Consequence

KRISTINA: My father has been fairly quiet during the wedding planning process, throwing in the requisite “what do you think I am, made of money?” comments every now and then. But the one thing he’s obsessed with is the menu tasting. Whenever the subject of the wedding comes up between my mother and me, I hear mutterings from him . . . “When are we supposed to taste the food? Aren’t we going to get some lobster?” From day one, he’s held his ground that the tasting is something that parents get to participate in and I have to give him credit – he’s a man who knows what’s important and goes after it. And he seems to know a lot about the rules of the tasting. When I told him that I thought we only got to taste a few entrees, he firmly stated that no, we get to taste the appetizers too.