Monday: Mr. Bobby, Mrs. Sunshine, and ‘Luxury Condoville’

See Bob hit.

  • All-star slugger Bobby Abreu didn’t get that $3.9 million apartment at One Beacon Court for nothing. This weekend the Yankees managed to acquire Mr. Abreu from Philadelphia, which finally makes him teammate to Beacon-mate Johnny Damon. Those two will surely be the talk of East 58th. (NY Daily News)
  • Governor Pataki has further infuriated the Upper East Side: last week, The Other White George signed a bill into law that will publicize the sales prices of New York co-op apartments for the first time in history. (At long last, has he no shame?) In equally sad news: Louise “The Icon” Sunshine is officially gone from the Sunshine Group. (New York Times)
  • How does the city lure prude developers into constructing 24 million square feet of office space at the Hudson Yards? By offering to pay lots of their taxes for nearly two decades. How romantic. (Crain’s)
  • McCarren Park may house wonderful hipster pool parties (everyone likes 5,000 kids in striped shirts!), but it’s also home to four enormous new condo projects. The Times happily announces: ‘Welcome to Luxury Condoville.’ (New York Times)
  • The Second Avenue Deli, which has been closed since the New Year on account of “a rent dispute,” will be replaced by a Chase Bank branch. But as everyone knows, one simply cannot get a killer pastrami-on-rye at Chase. Is this some sort of Jewish conspiracy? (NY1)
  • Max Abelson