Monday: This Morning, Everyone’s A Loser (Especially Brokers, Bartha)

Prez Stringer! (Community Media)

  • Brokers have it so bad these days. Sure, sky-high rents help boost brokers’ fees, but apparently they also boost the “incentive to avoid” those fees in the first place. The solution? William B. May agent David Francis Calderazzo points out that “a broker can make a person’s life very miserable if they want to.” Yet Mr. Calderazzo swears he had nothing to do with that whole Krazy-Glue-in-the -locks-of-a-deadbeat-client incident. (New York Times)
  • Residents of West 75th street complain about their gorgeous gardens. Landlords have cruelly begun to pave over straight-from-Cape-Cod flowers–on account of the horrid rodent infestation. Thankfully there are the proud rebels who cry: “We have the largest garden on the block and we’re not going to pave it.” (New York Times)
  • NYC is charging the late Nicholas Bartha $230,000 to clean up after his obliterated home on East 62nd. On the other hand, his wife is owed $4 million. (AP, via Newsday)
  • Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer sets out in search of local real estate vacancies. Manhattan Borough Presidents: they’re just like us! (NY1)
  • Max Abelson