Natan Scharansky, the rightwing Israeli, made a poetic statement once about the Soviet Union. He hated his guards so much that when they told him to walk straight somewhere, he walked in a zigzag, just to demonstrate his own free will.

The other day Scharansky was on a panel in Philadelphia at which it was agreed that democracy isn’t

On today’s Washington Journal, Neil King said that being able to vote doesn’t mean anything in Baghdad when your refrigerator doesn’t work. Pamela Hess of UPI said that the American military is well aware of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—who needs the right to vote if you can’t even shelter yourself. Syria Comment has a great item on the end of the democratic visions for the Middle East.

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2. The general election. In November, whichever two candidates make it out of the gubernatorial primary will face off to become the next New Jersey governor. While Phil Murphy (pictured) is the presumed favorite in the race due to current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s dismal approval ratings tanking Republican credibility for many NJ voters, the results are still up in the air. Additionally, with 11 months until the race, there is still ample time for a dynamic shift that could leave another candidate at the top.
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