Rep. Anthony Weiner Needs to Renew His Subscription to the New York Review of Books

Jason Horowitz’s fine piece on the Lieberman-Lamont race in this week’s Observer contains a stretcher, or 2, from N.Y. Congressman Anthony Weiner:

‘[T]he Palestinian position seems to be perfect for the Internet world of pithy back-and-forth and 30-second You Tube tapes, where the Zionist position is more at home in a seven-page New York Review of Books article,” said Representative Anthony Weiner, a pro-Israel hawk who opposes the war in Iraq.

Well, first of all, Weiner voted for the war in Iraq when it mattered, October 2002. Changed his mind later, after all the bloodshed began.

And as for the New York Review of Books, it has been the most courageous voice in this country in questioning the U.S.’s blind support of Israel. Look at Tony Judt’s now-famous stunner in 2003 calling for a binational state in Palestine, or Michael Massing’s exploration of the power of AIPAC over Congress, which has been cited again and again by critics of the lobby, or Henry Siegman’s call in April for U.S. pressure on Israel to negotiate with Hamas. Now that is pithy.