Rob Ryan Doesn’t Like Ed Rollins

Rollins Hutsell Rob Ryan Doesnt Like Ed Rollins

As KT McFarland shakes off today’s Post report and prepares for her big fund-raiser tonight with all those Reagan-era Cold Warriors, Rob Ryan wonders (aloud, to us) what one attendee thinks about a recent statement from KT campaign manager Ed Rollins.

The attendee: General P.X. Kelley, former commandant of the Marine Corps.

The statement, from a recet New York Magazine story, was that “There were so many guys getting killed in Vietnam that it wasn’t so difficult [for Spencer to be made first lieutenant]–and it wasn’t so difficult to get a Bronze Star.”

McFarland’s campaign said that Rollins has already addressed the comment (“I never intended to cast
aspersions on John Spencer’s military record. I have only respect for anyone who has served or is serving our country,”) and argued that they are focused only on Spencer’s record as Mayor of Yonkers.

Ryan doesn’t buy it: “KT McFarland has Ed Rollins and his surrogates throw mud and then she sits there and acts oblivious to everything that goes on around her. She has to be accountable for the actions of her staff.”

– Jason Horowitz

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