The Fifth Anniversary of 9/11: Is It Too Soon?

Gerald Marzorati, editor of the Times magazine, this week, discussing coordination and duplication at the New York Times:

I’ve just returned to my desk from a weekly meeting of the editors of the various “feature” sections of the paper—Dining In/Dining Out, House & Home, the Book Review, etc., along with the magazine, or magazines now—at which we were discussing the fifth anniversary of 9/11. And yes, coverage-wise, as this meeting turned up, there will inevitably be some overlap in coverage.

A few things:

1. Here is how we would like the Dining section to cover the fifth anniversary of September 11, 2001: “….”

2. Six weeks or so is not enough lead time to change an editorial slate for a weekly section?

3. Here is how we would like House & Home to cover the fifth anniversary of September 11, 2001: “….”

4. Not so much would we like House & Home to write about the return of irony in decorating choices in Lower Manhattan, or how to get the help to finally clean that ash out of air conditioner filters, or any sort of home furnishings trend piece featuring Jonathan Adler “coping” with downtown.

5. Here is how we would like Eric Wilson, fashion boy of Styles, to handle 9/11/06: by writing a diary about a week spent wearing tacky early 90’s middle-brow fashions in public. (M.C. Hammer pants! Arsenio Hall jackets!)

6. Here is how we would like “Play,” the Times’ sports magazine, to cover 9/11/06: with an incisived (and naked-photo heavy!) preview of the baseball post-season.

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