The ONLY Question: What Did Materazzi Say to Zidane?

I’m no soccer nut, but this morning I frantically searched Yahoo news without satisfaction to learn what Marco Materazzi said to Zidane to generate the most important moment in the ’06 World Cup. Then two friends emailed me with the same thing on their minds. Here’s Greg McNair from the Netherlands:

Everybody (meaning me) wants to know what Materazzi said to Zidane to set him off like that. One British report speculates that Materazzi called him a terrorist. I think the dude said somethin’ about his Momma. Others speculate on a racist comment. (Zidane’s peeps come from Algeria.) Did I say Italian opera, damn, this was damn near Shakespeare for Zidane.

Let’s be clear: this is the ONLY THING anyone who loves sports cares about today. What will Materazzi admit to? What will Zidane say? Who will be believed? How will it all unfold? I can’t wait.

This is bigger than the hand of god in ’86. It’s the tongue of god, and the head of god…