The Peach Parade: Vibe, Joe Francis, Adultery in Manhattan, The Agent of Brooklyn, Rosario Dawson, and Phil Collins’ Heart

“That’s what I’m the most psyched about,” shirtless new Vibe president Ari Horowitz told The Transom on Shelter Island on Saturday. “The people there are really, really solid. They’ve been incredibly receptive….” Within the next three days, Mr. Horowitz’s new Vibe team would raise their lay-off total to nearly 25 staffers.

Where do Manhattan’s adulterers prefer to dine? A guide to the Affair Restaurant.

The difficult real estate king of Brooklyn: He rents 150 apartments a year. But are you good enough for his services?

Valerie Solanas or Paula Jones? Who among us, really, wouldn’t sometimes like to put her BlackBerry through Girls Gone Wild king Joe Francis’ eye?

Protesting the latte-sipping, transnational, Hamptons-going, limousine-riding employees of the New York Times.

WCBS anchor Dana Tyler wanted to be a nun, but ended up in the unlikely arms of Phil Collins.

And more from Shelter Island: Rosario Dawson, Debbie Harry, Andre Balazs and Co.