Thursday: A Mysterious Departure, A Harsh Letter for Larry

  • The real estate industry can be so fickle: ex-Sunshine Groupie (and ex-Trumper) Jacquelyn Sonenberg joined Stribling Marketing Associates a year ago, and within weeks she had climbed to its pinnacle. But yesterday, after nary a full year there, Ms. Sonenberg has left the building. That’s what happens when you help market condos in the Plaza Hotel. (The Real Deal)
  • What happened at the Public Authorities Control Board’s big vote on the $1.7 billion Javits Center expansion plan? Nothing. Those lovable PACB populists insisted that notice for yesterday’s meeting “wasn’t widely enough circulated”–it was announced no less than a month ago, of course–so the vote will be pushed back to July 26. Does anyone smell a foul conspiracy? (Crain’s)
  • McMansions are not pleasant, new McMansions in Brooklyn are even worse, and two new McMansions on either side of your Madison home is a particularly unfortunate situation. Especially if you’re an 85-year old stroke victim–or, as your lawyer might put it, “the ham in a ham sandwich.” (NY Daily News)
  • The only thing worse: springing $79,000 for the same exact ultra-hip furniture that hundreds of your neighbors are springing for as well. But if you’re too uninspired to buy your own ottomans and such, 52nd Street’s new 215-unit “Link” apartments may just be perfect. (NY Post)
  • (Mostly) True Letter of the Day: Dear CEOs of The World’s Biggest Insurance Companies. My name is William, and I’m the New York City Comptroller. I urge you in the strongest terms possible to please give the $4.6 billion you owe our pal Larry (for the World Trade Center, of course.) I consider your previous actions to have been in bad faith. There, I’ve said it–although I’m sorry for using such strong terms. (Crain’s)
  • Max Abelson