Wednesday: Artsy Public Art, and Kazakhstan in Dag Hammarskjold?

Borat loves NYC

  • Miles of silly saffron brought 3.25 million extra tourists to Central Park in February 2005. What will attract non-New Yorkers when the weather turns cold here next time around? “A cinematic art experience that will directly integrate with the city’s architecture, while enhancing and challenging viewers’ perception of public space.” Perfect. Midwesterners are already lining up at MoMA for their January 16 “challenge.” (Crain’s)
  • The UN is getting some new neighbors at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (aka 305 East 47th). The glorious Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan is moving from 866 UN Plaza to 13,800 square feet on the Dag condo’s third floor, while the old American Federation for the Arts is moving to the tenth. We hope they both get along with their Sudanese and Arab Emirate housemates. (Globe St.)
  • Downtown finally gets tastier: the “terrific” Italialian Via Emilia moves to 47 E. 21st Street, and the Tasting Room leaves its old “trap-door basement cubbyhole” for 264 Elizabeth. See also: 101 cheap eats. (New York)
  • 22 Ugliest Words of the Day, Gray’s Anatomy Style: “the housing industry appears to be moving from a boom to something that is starting to look a lot like a bust.” (New York Times)
  • Max Abelson