With a Little Tweaking…

A commentator named “GOP” suggests the following text for George Pataki’s national energy speech:

“In New York, I had the courage to sit idle and deliver some of the highest energy prices in the US. To combat the high cost of heating oil, I fought for increased federal subsidies. And I allowed NY to levy taxes based on the amount of excise taxes paid on gasoline. I charged unnecessary tolls on highways to feed my profligate spending. And I made sure that NY had no power plant siting law making it impossible to provide affordable energy. Now that I am running for President, I don’t care about NY’s grape, onion, apple or dairy farmers, it’s all corn, corn, corn baby. And thanks to my hard work, people are finally fleeing NY. Heck, we might even lose another congressional seat, thanks to my hard work.”

Just a hint of sarcasm.

— Josh Benson