Barron and Green, but No Towns

For anyone interested in who’s representing us in Washington, Charles Barron and Roger Green are on WNYC right now poking holes in incumbent Rep. Ed Towns, who has declined to show up for what is, according to his challengers, their twelfth debate so far.

Barron just told Errol Louis – who is managing the impressive feat this week of filling in for both Brian Lehrer and Ben Smith – that Towns’ absence is “disrespectful,” while Green said it shows “contempt for the democratic process itself.”

Green also noted that Towns owns one of the worst attendance records in Congress and called him a “Republicrat” for supporting the CAFTA and for not holding the Democratic Party line the repeal of the estate tax.

Barron also attacked Towns, but offered a spirited defense of this guy.

So far, Towns hasn’t called in to respond. Which kind of fits.

Josh Benson

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