Chinese Paper Lanterns! Hang On String Lights and Dress Up Wedding Cake!

FRANCESCA: I asked my friend Jamie Cantor of Platine Cookies, who made the unforgettably beautiful and divinely delicious wedding cake for my wedding-themed book signing in March, to make the same cake for my actual wedding this weekend. I figured she’d appreciate my request, “please repeat masterpiece #1.”

But, no, I sensed she was disappointed. I guess a Culinary Institute of America trained chef is not so interested in doing the same old thing. She wanted to craft something new.

So, we plopped down in front of her computer and surfed wedding cake designs for an hour and a half, searching for inspiration.

Hundreds of cake designs later, we came up with something so original and exciting, I think I squealed out loud. Instead of all flowers between the cake layers, Jamie is going to put some small Chinese paper lanterns amid
the flowers between the layers. These are the same lanterns that will be hanging on string lights from the rafters at the reception. And, instead of swirls on the actual white cake, she is going to repeat the Chinese symbol for double happiness in icing.

It is going to be gorgeous.