Custom Designed Stamps Are So Cute!

ERICA: I spoke with our fantastic/did every single thing I asked for/super talented invitation designer, Rachelle, from Wiley Valentine this morn, and we have 125 beautiful, sparkly (and I do mean sparkly…wait till I post a pic) pre-assembled invites currently en route to us from sunny California. Rachelle is so darn efficient and helpful, she even offered to mail the invites out for us, but I really wanted them to have a New York, NY postmark so she graciously packed them all up and sent them on their way.

Based on my previous issues with the current available stamp selection, we had our own beautifully coordinated stamps designed to go along with our invites and reply cards, and they are so cute, I squeal with glee every time I look at them.

This was, hands down, the most challenging “to do” on my wedding “to do” list, so I’m pretty darn happy to have the invitations signed, sealed and delivered (well, almost…two days and counting).