Elsewhere: Manifesting Lieberman, Suozzi, Moore

John Edwards calls on Joe Lieberman to drop out of the race. [via Lamontblog]

The Hotline wonders if hiring of a Democrat and Republican consultant means Lieberman’s bi-partisanship is beginning to manifest itself.

Undoubtedly manifesting itself is the debate debate, which Liz Benjamin has here.

Not manifesting itself is the reappointment of Judge George Bundy Smith, which Liz Benjamin has here. (We told you. Freakishly prolific!)

And manifesting itself in strange ways is the phrase “Michael Moore Democrats.” Gatemouth on Room 8 writes:

“One reader said to me ‘I am damned proud to be a Michael Moore Democrat.’ But, I don’t think he really understands what he is saying.”

Azi Paybarah