FDNY Fundraising Calendar Uses Non-New York Non-Firefighters

Tom Westman: Looking good!

The New York City Fire Department has released its annual fundraising campaign, the 2007 “FDNY Calendar of Heroes.” It features pictures of hot, shirtless firefighters, and is photographed by Cary Hazlegrove, who lives not in New York but on Nantucket Island.

According to blogger Andy Towle, among those photographed in the calendar is Tom Westman. Mr. Westman was the winner of Survivor: Palau. He lives in Sayville, New York—about halfway out on Long Island. He left Williamsburg’s Ladder 108 a year ago this week.

Last The Transom saw Mr. Westman, in July of 2005, he was on the Long Island Rail Road, heading into the City not to save lives—necessarily!—but for a meeting with NBC.