Friday: The Mayor Woos Dems to NY, Ben Bradlee Woos Ghosts to the Hamptons

The Grey Hamptons

  • The Times‘ profile of Lincoln Center’s rejuvenation hits upon the alluringly wider sidewalks, the historic significance, Eero Saarinen, and the conflict between the “tall fescue” grasses and “mid-Atlantic blue.” As it happens, nothing is mentioned on the crack-selling Bloods Gang infiltration around the corner. (NY Times)
  • Get excited for more Manhattan conventioneering! Mayor Bloomberg has schlepped all the way to Chicago to lure the 2008 Democratic National Convention to New York. (Apparently he’s also been boozing up some powerful liberals.) After the Illinois trip, fittingly, he’ll be sweet-talking the Republicans into coming back for a second grand ol’ party. If he succeeds, the two conventions would bring in half a billion dollars. (NY Sun)
  • Why stop at getting Yale kids to redesign Red Hook? The Cooper-Hewitt’s City of Neighborhoods program stirs up the people’s thoughts on city spaces like the Fulton Street Mall. Some popular suggestions for Fulton: skywalks, rooftop movie screenings and dance parties. (Metropolis)
  • Big and Little Edie Bouvier Beale (above) are long gone from their 28-room Hamptons estate. Yet their spirits live on in Ben Bradlee and wife Sally Quinn, who have nightly ghoulish visitations at Grey Gardens. More glamorous are the “late afternoon” beach strolls, followed by “rosé for Sally, gin and tonic for Ben.” God Bless the Hamptons. (NY Post)
  • Things have gotten so bad that straight-faced news articles now pin the phrase “previous hot spot” onto the entire states of Florida, California, and New York. But is the onus on real estate, or on the real estate media? Probably the latter, at least when The Sun screams: “Some economists already believe that… the chances of a recession are growing.” (NY Sun)
  • Max Abelson