Friday: The Sad $12m NoHo Penthouse, the Happy Midtown Salad, Sickly Brooklyn

Kenmark: Real Balazses have curves

  • The duplex penthouse atop the new Astor Place Sculpture For Living has full views, 4,400 square feet, and every detail (down to the white marble bathroom) done by Charles Gwathmey Himself. So why has it still not sold? Maybe because it’s $12 million, or because there’s no on-site fitness center (like at the new One Kenmark Square, right). (New York Post)
  • Ratner recap: The Bruce gets $60.8 million in cash, plus 3.9 million units of stock, from his pals at Forest City Enterprises. Sweet deal, right? Yet in return he hands over his 30% stake in Forest City Ratner to FCE, which means saying goodbye to 30 enormous properties–including Atlantic Yards and the new Renzo Piano Times HQ. Matthew Schuerman explains: it’s all about philanthropy. (Crain’s)
  • Midtown is so hot right now. First came posh condos, then a “second” Times Square on 38th, and now a fancy salad joint on Park and 51st. It’s all the (hormonal) rage with young investment bankers, who head there “for the dressings and the girls, basically.” (New York)
  • The New York Law School gets immeasurably cooler, dropping $190 million to double its Tribeca campus. Its new 200,000-square-foot building–nine stories, four beneath ground–will be open for very hip studying in 2008. (Crain’s)
  • The New York Times summarizes the Best Borough in a single artful sentiment: “The smell of death everywhere, so thick and strong it makes eyes water, and yet the curious will line up around the corner for a look. Ah, Brooklyn!” (New York Times)
  • Max Abelson