Hot Waiter, Phallic Straws, Greasy Guys at the Culture Club, What a Bachelorette!


KARA: My friends pulled off an amazing bachelorette party for me a couple of weekends ago. It was an afternoon of cocktails on Liz’s rooftop deck, with breathtaking views of Manhattan. A couple glasses of Sauvignon Blanc later, we were ready to cab downtown for dinner at Sushi Samba. Whisked to the roof, we were tended to by the cutest waiter ever who told us we were his favorite of his two bachelorette tables that night. He graciously posed for photographs with phallic straws, and took pictures of us acting wild and crazy. I wanted to take him home with me (in a pet-like way!)

I had meticulously researched the menu beforehand and had chosen a party package–sushi, sashimi, kobe beef, sake, seafood on skewers–we gorged for hours. It was one of the most unforgettable meals I’ve ever had – and I took pictures of every course for safety’s sake.

We kissed our adorable waiter goodbye and then made our way to the shamelessly cheesy Culture Club, where brides-to-be much drunker than I staggered across the floor crooning “Holiday.” One fruity cocktail and several 80’s hits later, my friends and I forgot our surroundings and the greasy guys in the wings, and proceeded to dance the night away. I hope my wedding is this fun!