Monday: ‘LoHo’ and DUMBO (and 38th Street?) Light Up

Hilarity in Park Slope

  • Nothing says ‘new Financial District condo!’ like chic concierge service. The developers of South Star at 80 John Street are luring buyers with amenities from the Gansevoort Hotel (which, of course, the developers also did). Shouldn’t private terraces, a “rock-climbing-wall machine” and in-house acupuncture treatment be big enough condo bait? No. (NY Times)
  • Who knew New York magazine would be interested in the identity crises of Park Slope mothers searching for a nice night out? This week’s profile of “adult space” hits up the Slope’s Tea Lounge and Prospect Heights’ Amorina, plus Cafe La Fortuna and Bottino in Manhattan. (But can we trust a writer who boasts: “I have eaten tuna tartare with my kid”?) (New York Magazine)
  • It’s hard to find a bargain in the Lower East Side these days, which surely means the neighborhood is dead. Where is Foreman’s? Blame the ‘hip Village-type crowd’ that likes staying out late. Or blame the phrase ‘LoHo.’ Or blame the $200-sf rents. (NY Daily News)
  • But who should be blamed for the theater district zoning deal that allows theater owners to trade around air rights (thereby building higher than they should)? The City. Who should be blamed for preventing all the extra money from going to state education? Stephen Sondheim and Tony Randall. (New York Times)
  • Apparently 34th Street is “the next ‘It’ neighborhood.” And apparently it is entirely rational that tourists and businessmen crave a second Times Square. (Crain’s premium)
  • DUMBO’s waterfront Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park will be open past dark, which means the neighborhood might finally become hip. No matter how bright its lights are, they won’t match up to 2012’s super-mega Brooklyn Bridge Park. (NY Daily News)
  • Max Abelson