My Dress Has Arrived, Weight Loss Pressure Kicks In To Overdrive

ERICA: I spoke with my lovely contact at Carolina Herrera the other day and apparently my dress is in. This is normally exciting news for a bride-to-be, but for me, it kicks the weight loss pressure into super duper high gear.

“OOOOH, your dress!” squealed my friend Liz. “Let’s go see it.” she said to me after I revealed this damning information to her on the phone.

No thanks.

My dress and I are avoiding one another right now like Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still madly in love with my dress and can’t wait for our tearful reunion. But I just want to make sure this reunion happens after I finish getting the rest of this junk out of my trunk.

Apparently I only need three weeks or so for alterations, so I’ve got a solid month left of “de-junking.” Wish me luck…I seriously need it.