Robert Jackson for Batson

Robert Jackson, council member on Manhattan’s Upper Upper West Side, is about to give Bill Batson his first endorsement by an elected official in the race to succeed Roger Green in his Brooklyn Assembly seat. Jackson represents a district that Batson is familiar with — he used to work for the area’s state senator, David Paterson.

Batson and Jackson met via Batson’s civil rights project titled, the American Civil Rights Education Service.
“We sent over 800 young people down south to learn about the civil rights movement and he has been one of our major supporters,” said Batson. “He is one of the people in government that I admire the most because he went from being a parent, to a plaintiff, to a public servant. It’s a great kind of arch.”

On the endorsement:

“I didn’t really think of it at the time as something to stop knocking on doors to do, but we’re going to do a press release.”

Expect the official announcement shortly.

—Nicole Brydson

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