Thursday: The Old Sontag Penthouse, The Old ‘New Soho’, and a Wall Street Journal Rip-Off

Soho! Just kidding.

  • Weeks ago we mathematically disproved the assertion that “The Garment District is the new Soho,” though the Post apparently plugged its ears. So what does its cover story report to back up the age-old Garment claim? Only that the the neighborhood has “funky artists”–plus: it’s “gritty and delicious.” (NY Post)
  • For $3.75 million, the late Susan Sontag’s penthouse at Chelsea’s London Terrace could have been yours. (You would have had to act quickly, though: it stayed on the market for just a few weeks.) And alas you’ve also missed a chance at grabbing Britney Spears’ four-level Silk Building abode (though that’s old news). (WSJ)
  • Who had any idea that ritzy–and empty–Manhattan condo buildings were dangling gold-plated carrots to lure naive buyers? Those carrots come in shapes and sizes like Turkish baths (cough!–excuse me, sir) or borrowing libraries (lame.) Best of all: pandering to the lazy or gourmet or morbidly obese condo crowd are daily home-delivered meals at Slate on West 18th. (NY Sun)
  • It’s about seventeen years too late to print a headline like: “The fight over Atlantic Yards heats up.” And yet all journalistic sins are excused when a Yards article has Bruce Ratner quotes such as “It’s a good cause, and we are going to win.” Or any Bruce Ratner quotes at all. (NY Press)
  • What does ‘Where were you when it happened?‘ mean? It means that it’s been five years since the World Trade Center attacks, and that the WTC Foundation still needs $167 million for its museum and memorial. So of course the group is rolling out an ad campaign “designed to tug on people’s heartstrings.” And wallets. (Crain’s)
  • Max Abelson